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For the love of popsicles and bowling

28 Dec

While Kerry had a six foot ladder on his Christmas list- I had a Zoku Quick Pop Maker on mine. Kerry thought it was silly but Dad and Kathy nicely fulfilled my wish and now I can have popsicles whenever I want. Well, it takes 7 minutes to be exact but it is super simple.

The Zoku lives in the freezer.

Then when you want a popsicle- fill with juice.

And, 7 minutes later- popsicle is served.

Yum! I have stuck with the super simple orange juice popsicles but I have found ‘recipes’ for pudding pops, fruit-cicles and yogurt granola  crunch-cicles. More to come!

Leigh and Mom surprised us with Wii for Christmas and we have been enjoying the bowling (and tennis and baseball). Kerry and I are both a little competitive and it has been fun to bowl from the comfort of our living room. Also, it can be a pretty good workout! Sometimes as we swing our arms and jump around the room- I wonder what the neighbors across the way are seeing 🙂