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Cousins are here!

1 Apr


Family arrived on Saturday and Miss H is thrilled to hang around her cousins (aunt and uncle too but the cousins are the greatest!). They arrived in the evening on Saturday and the Miss H instantly had two new best friends.

We headed to the zoo on Sunday morning. It was a little chilly but the animals were out and about.


First thing was this orangutan was hanging around.03232014-2


Then we saw the big cat. He just paced around and around.


Miss H immediately spotted the carousel and everyone got a cool ride.


We were on a mission to find the pandas. Luckily, we were successful.


We even got the kids to pose for a fun picture.


The brothers had to catch a little break whenever they could.

03232014-8The greatest way to get around is Miss H’s new scooter.


The flamingos might have been Miss H’s favorite part.


After seeing lots of animals, we headed for a late lunch and then off to see more sites.




We had a great time showing everyone around! It was a fun week with the family!

Memorial Day Weekend, Part 2

30 May

We had the best of intentions of going to Arlington Cemetery on Monday morning but by the time we got there, it was packed. Since it was already hot, the lines were long and Miss H usually does not do well with waiting- we headed downtown instead.

There was plenty of parking at the Jefferson Memorial and we had a nice walk to the Washington Monument and World War II Memorial. We found a fun tree to play in too!

Miss H loved the fountains at the WWII Memorial and was sadly disappointed that she could not go swimming.

We all were sufficiently sweaty after all the walking around and decided to head home for time at the pool. Our Memorial Day Weekend ended with a nice cookout with neighbors.

Hope everyone had a great weekend too!