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A Birthday Party, Complete With a Bus

16 Jan

Our neighbor invited Miss H to his fifth birthday party this weekend and it was so fun! Miss H was very concerned about the cake at the party. “Will there be cake? Will it be chocolate or vanilla?” she asked over and over again. I knew (with 100% certainty) that there would be cake but I had no idea about flavor. Before we got to the cake part, we had fun on the Bear Bus.

She got to pick out an animal, fill it with stuffing and pick out an outfit. However, this fun process was only delaying seeing the cake.

Like how her animal matches her own color scheme for the day?

Also, her bear had to be named before leaving the bus. Without any prompting, she picked ‘Leigh’ and now refers to the bear as ‘Aunt Leigh.’ Most animals and dolls in our house share her name so this was a first.

Then it was off to the party and all was well with the world when we spied the cake. And, it was vanilla. The rest of the party was fun and someone was so tired.

We spent the rest of the long weekend at gymnastics, recovering from the party, shopping with Mom, running errands, trying to get a haircut, meeting friends for lunch and playing with trains and play dough.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


So spoiled.

12 Jan

Miss H was totally spoiled over the holidays with gifts from us, Mom, Aunt Leigh and Chip and Kerry’s dad. She has new dolls, sleeping bags (one for her and one for the doll), blocks, crayons, paper, coloring books, puzzles, cars, Lincoln Logs and lots of other fun stuff.  So, since I knew Dad was coming to visit just after Christmas, we decided to let him have the opportunity to take her to pick out what she wanted.  Kerry was lobbying for more Lincoln Logs but the train set won in the end.

Dad and Kathy got her a new Thomas the Train set and both Miss H and Dad had fun playing with it. Plus, she got some new Play Dough and new Play Dough accessories.

Dad got some nice pictures from our visits to the Arboretum and Fort Washington.