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We went to Vermont

1 Oct

We went to Vermont to see Dad and Kathy and had a great time but I am entirely too tired to post the details.

More to come tomorrow!

Back from Boston and more of a busy week

20 Nov

After we got home from our weekend in Williamsburg, I headed to Boston for a few days of work. Luckily, it was an easy flight and the weather was  really nice. I did not to get to enjoy much of the nice weather but the little bit of walking around I did was lovely. Too bad when I travel for work that it actually involves working 🙂

Miss H loves to talk about dragons. They are all friendly, they can fly and they are exotic colors like pink, purple and yellow.  And, most importantly they live on our roof. I did find a cute book about dragons (all friendly) while in Boston and it is now the favorite bedtime book.

When the weekend finally arrived, we did not slow down! Saturday was filled with gymnastics, a trip to REI (a.k.a.- kids wonderland of bikes), a trip to the park and a birthday party. Miss H and I were both so exhausted by Saturday evening that we both fell asleep before 7pm. Kerry claims I might have even fallen asleep before Miss H.

Today, we went to visit Mom in Annapolis. Kerry fixed a few things around her house while Miss H played with the neighborhood kids who were having fun raking up the leaves and jumping into the piles. Plus, they had toys that she could borrow. Mom got to drive her around and around.

After all the hard work, we enjoyed a nice lunch at Harris Crab House. We even got Miss H to eat a raw oyster and after she announced with a big smile, “I like it.”