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I get cranky sometimes.

15 Jan

I think Hadley has three teeth coming in. Two on top and one more to join the third one on the bottom. This whole growing of teeth thing makes for a not so happy Hadley sometimes.

Her shirt kind of sums up her mood the last few days. We really can’t complain because she is not terribly cranky but she is definitely expressing her angst over the teeth issue.

Chewing on her frog ice packĀ  seems to make everything better. Here is hoping for these teeth to appear soon and a short break from more new ones.

Tooth Number Two

2 Oct

100209-HV-1Hadley’s second tooth arrived sometime between Wednesday and Thursday and she has been a trooper. We knew it was coming because of the runny nose, endless drool and her constant need to chew on us. Two down, only eighteen more to go.

Besides the teeth, it has been a fairly quiet week. Hadley likes apples and this weekend we are going to try some yogurt. Since she was a little congested all week, we decided to wait on the green beans and let her have apples, pears and carrots for the week.

Dad and Kathy recently went to Colorado for a week vacation at Estes Park (see their blog post here) and they found Hadley a really cute sweatshirt. She is a big fan of trying to eat the hood. It was hard to get her picture because she is in constant motion- she loves to just roll around on the floor.

100109-HV-2And, speaking of her rolling around- Kerry was very happy this week that her constant rolling to the left has now been replaced with rolling both directions. She is picking up some serious speed in the rolling and can cover the distance of our living room in no time.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!