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Full Toddler Sentences

3 Jun

We have spent a lot of time at the pool this week and I am guessing it will be our second home this summer.

Miss H has really had a explosion of vocabulary in the last few months and now the sentences are really coming together. Some are pretty funny and she thinks if she just keeps repeating herself that we will eventually give in.

I want bath. Bubbles, with bubbles.”

“I need the pool. Go to the pool? Go to the pool?”

“Where did Daddy go?”

Also, she really likes to identify what belongs where and to whom.

“That’s daddy’s car.”

“Mommy’s towel.”

“My hat.”

“My cup.”

“My rocks.”

“My chair.”

Then if you ask her questions, she sometimes responds with surprising answers.

“Miss H, would you like dinner?”

“No, I want to go to the park. Park, now? Park, go play. Park, Mommy!”

How about dinner first?”

Okay. Pizza. Eggs. Cancakes.”

“You want pancakes for dinner?”

Cancakes. Cancakes! Cancakes!!”

“Miss H, what color is Daddy’s car”


“Are you sure it is green?”

“Yeah, Daddy’s car green”

“I think it is silver.”

“No, Mommy. Green.”

Miss H was trying to explain to her daycare provider that she had a new bed and she was not to fond of it. Her nice daycare provider asked, “Miss H, what happened to your crib?”

“Daddy took it.”

Might be the funniest statement of the week.

The Unofficial Start to Summer

30 May

It sure felt like the middle of summer today with our tempertures in the high 90s. Luckily, the neighborhood pool kept us cool! I did not get any pictures of Miss H at the pool today but it was sure a fun sight. She loves the water (we were pleasantly surprised after her disatrous swimming lesson and a few not so great pool visits last summer). And, she became an expert at jumping off the side. It took us some time to actually get to the pool because someone did not like the sunscreen or her new bathing suit but that was all forgotten when she saw the giant ‘bath.’

Miss H was so tired after all the swimming, jumping, chasing rings, throwing rings and splashing that there was almost no argument about a nap.

Naps and going to bed were once easy in our house but then we dismantled the crib and put a new bed in her room. Well, after three days of, ‘where did my bed go?’ and her sleeping on the floor, I think the pool might have solved our bed problem.

We might have written the chapter on how not to transition to the toddler bed. We bought the bed several months ago and let her play on it, and jump on the mattress and then she just ignored it. We even had a first attempt at making the transition and it was a total, sleepless disaster that we put her back in the crib. We talked about her ‘big girl bed’ but she much preferred the ‘baby bed.’ It got the point where she could climb in and out of the crib but we still stalled in making the move because it just produced many tears about the ‘baby bed.’ And, the two of us enjoyed the no fuss going to bed routine.

Friday morning, we said ‘goodbye bed,’ and it was whisked out of the house when little eyes were not around. Miss H was not amused by this new thing in her room and chose to sleep on the floor Friday night.

Saturday in the middle of the night, she managed to climb over the gate at her door and climb in bed with us. Both of us in a sleepy haze thought the other had brought her to bed and each of us was silently cursed while we were both being kicked and pushed to the very edges of our sides of the bed by a sprawled out snoring toddler.

Sunday night, she started out on the floor but did not freak out when she woke up in the bed. She stayed there all night.

Tonight, without a ton of issue, she is soundly sleeping in her bed. Wish us luck.

Other highlights of the weekend include many trips to the park.

She loves the slides!

Dad and Kathy sent Miss H a new sun hat and she wore it around the house most of the weekend.

And, what better way to the end the weekend than with a good book.