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Gloomy but fun weekend!

20 May

The weather was calling for rain and gloom for the whole weekend and it pretty much delivered as predicted. We tried to squeeze in a festival the early part of Saturday (the forecast called for rain much later in the day) but it started to rain just as we arrived. But, it was just a drizzle so we toughed it out for an hour. But, then it became a downpour and we decided that was enough.

They had an awesome face painter there. I was shocked Miss H wanted her face covered but she was certain she wanted to be a rainbow cat.


Her and her best friend posed together. (Miss H was almost unrecognizable with the make-up on. It took a little getting use to).


She kept it on for the whole day!

Then on Sunday, it was still gloomy. We headed to swim lessons and Miss H jumped in, dove to the bottom to get a ring and practiced swimming on her back. These lessons have gone much better than lessons in the past.

Miss H liked my dog shirt so much that she found her own so we could match 🙂


Kerry and I love that Miss H loves to read and her new favorite thing is to be the teacher. We had to ‘pay attention’ and ‘listen’ as she went through the book. She did a great job of showing us the pictures too!



Hot as Hades

25 Jul

Seriously, it was so hot here this weekend that we did not even want to do anything. Saturday was a blazing 103 (heat index made it feel like 110ish). Then, Sunday cooled off to a balmy 95.

We spent a lot of time running errands in highly air-conditioned locations. Plus, it was cool enough to go to the pool around 4pm- and at this time the pool is partly in the shade.

Speaking of the pool, Miss H had another swim lesson this weekend. She would not get into the pool until the rubber ducks were nicely lined up on the side. If you know Kerry, this probably makes you laugh.

Miss H seems to have issue with her swimming class because it is not advanced enough. The class next to her class gets to use kickboards and water dumbbells. Her class sings songs and chases rubber ducks. She even loudly exclaimed that she does not want to ‘be in the baby class!’ She wants to ‘be in the kickboard class!’ Of course, I see her point but we are stuck in this class for now.

After swimming lessons we headed to the farmer’s market to load up on blueberries, blackberries, corn and cucumbers plus they were giving away balloon animals, flowers and swords. Her flower makes for a perfect hat.

To finish off the weekend, we headed to Bethesda for a friend’s 2nd birthday. The Cabin John Regional Park was a perfect location plus they have a train. It seems like all kiddos this age have an obsession with trains! This crew was not interested in cake, balloons or anything else party related- just the train. Miss H took charge and got everyone boarded with her ‘all aboard! Ready to go!’ The whole train was filled with the party-goers.

We rode on the caboose and Miss H is still talking about the train. In my 10+ years living in Bethesda, I never knew this park exsisted! But, I guess I never had reason to ride a train through a huge park and visit a really cool playground.

The birthday party was a lot of fun! The parents thought it was funny that there was very little interest in the cake but the cauliflower, carrots, celery and cucumbers were HUGE hits. I think Mss H ate enough veggies to fill her up for the rest of the month. After all this excitement, we were all exhausted.

Hope you had a nice weekend!