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Her Little Preschool Class Started Today

4 Sep

Miss H has been at school since June for summer camp but her official orientation was this morning. She got to meet all her new classmates (there were only 4 other new kids) and hang out with her new teacher for part of the morning. I am really glad we started her earlier this summer so she could get to know lots of her classmates and all the teachers. She had fun exploring the classroom and was super excited about the cleaning supplies. Her new teacher even joked with us that she ‘knew who the star cleaner was going to be!’

We did the obligatory front porch photos but Miss H was not thrilled with the tradition. And, I was not prepared to have my picture taken.


At least she is smiling here.

So, she has officially started preschool. How did we get to this stage so fast??

Happy Labor Day!

3 Sep

Or as Miss H says, “Happy Neighbor Day!” We have nice neighbors so I guess we should honor them with a holiday.

We have had a super busy, and expensive, weekend. I think we personally stimulated the economy in Northern Virginia. We have updated our closet organization, added shelving to the playroom, bought a new washer and dryer, made a trip to Ikea, several trips to Home Depot and Target, back to school clothing and shoe shopping for Miss H, new comforter and sheets and even replaced the doorbell. The house is really coming together nicely so it is worth it!

Kerry even broke in the lawn mower.

And, we unpacked more stuff and got things hung on the wall.

Miss H loves her ‘desk.’

And, she now loves to sit at the ‘new table.’

Today, Miss H had two friends over and they thoroughly wore each other out. They arrived this morning and stayed well past lunch. While the kids ran around, I got to catch up with their moms while Kerry was off buying new appliances.We spent the remainder of the afternoon getting Miss H a haircut and doing some more shopping.

Now, we are all exhausted and ready for the start of school tomorrow! Both Miss H and I return to class tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.