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We have grown by two tiny feet

22 Mar

We are now a family of three! Hadley Ellen entered the world at 6:55 pm on Sunday, March 22nd. She is 19 3/4 inches long, weighs 7 pounds 5 ounces and is doing great. We might be slightly biased but we think she is perfect!

There are not a whole lot of exciting or gory details- my water broke at 6am, Kerry shot out of bed, we got to the hospital a little before 7am and then we just waited. I was having a bunch of steady contractions but only felt three of them. So after 11 hours of no progress the doctor suggested a c-section and off we went to the operating room. Twenty minutes later, Kerry was holding our daughter. All is well with all of us! Here are a few photos:


And, heartburn does equal a lot of hair!hadley-008hadley-005





We are looking forward to introducing her to family and friends soon! Thanks for all the well wishes and congrats! We will certainly be taking more pictures for all of you to see.

A fun Friday trip to L&D

7 Mar

Sorry- the Comcast story has to be interrupted by our Friday into Saturday adventure to Labor and Delivery at Sibley Hospital. Comcast did call back but I have not spoken to them and the person who left me a message won’t be back until Monday.

But anyway, back to Friday. We were scheduled to have our ‘big talk’ with the doctor about all the fun things that were going to happen when I went into labor. We got to the doctor’s office and did the standard blood pressure/weight check and then as he was checking me he started getting concerned.  I was having contractions. And, they were frequent. And, I had NO idea. And, the doctor got flustered (this NEVER  happens because he is usually the calmest, most relaxed doctor ever) and this reaction made both Kerry and I stress out a little. The doc never gets alarmed about anything and he was filling out paperwork, calling the L&D floor , telling them we were coming over, telling us where to go and letting us know that he would be seeing us shortly. Luckily, our appointment was at the medical offices connected to Sibley so we could just walk right over. Within a few minutes we had paperwork and were being admitted. Few minutes after that I was connected to monitors and IV and we were just waiting to see what was happening.

I was definitely having contractions (still not feeling ANYTHING) and they were really frequent and consistent. Then the ultrasound got wheeled in and after 40 minutes (and a few new pictures of Baby V) we were able to relax because she was under no distress and everything looked great with her and her surroundings. However, we were staying on the L&D floor and we were not going anywhere. Kerry and I got as comfortable as possible and were treated great by the staff. My doctor visited many times and each time it was that nothing had changed- baby was doing great but I was still having the contractions and they were still very frequent.

After an overnight on L&D we got moved off the floor around 8am this morning because the contractions had slowed down and we got moved to a ‘normal’ room. My biggest fear was they were just going to keep me there. But this afternoon they did release me but I am on ‘home rest’ for the next 10 days and I have to go to the doctors on Monday for follow-up.  After being discharged, we really appreciated that Baby V decided to stay put for a while longer. Also, we talked more about names and still don’t have the front runner but I think we are getting closer.  

We never did get the ‘big talk,’ but we did get a practice run. We know where to park, we are already in the admissions system, all my paperwork is already complete for the next time and hopefully we will see all the great nurses we had this weekend again!

For now, I will be working from home and we will keep you all posted on progress. Right now, I am happily 36 weeks and 2 days pregnant.