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Preschool Holiday Party Mayhem

20 Dec


We had spent Monday evening making sugar cookies for the preschool’s annual holiday mayhem festivities. Miss H insisted on making school buses (because, you know, these cookies are for school!) We decorated them with season appropriate sprinkles to make up for the lack of holiday shapes.


The cookies were well received so I guess I was the only one that found the school buses un-festive.

The party started off with holiday crafts. We made ornaments, necklaces, candy canes and wreaths plus the bag to put them all into.




Yes, Kerry did get up from that chair.

Miss H was excited to see Oreo. She had to give him his Christmas lettuce.


Then we got to see a bizarre puppet show but all the kids seemed to enjoy it. The highlight for us was the preschool rendition of the 12 days of Christmas (Miss H has been practicing at home). I never realized it had dance moves that went along with it. Miss H loses interest a few times but does sing at the top of her lungs 🙂

Or click here.

Then Santa arrived to talk with all the kids.


We were all exhausted after the party! But it was a great end to the school year!

A Parenting First

4 Nov

Miss H recovered quickly from her double ear infection combined with upper respiratory and a lovely case of pink eye. Unfortunately, the rest of the house has not weathered as well. Kerry has gotten the worst of it and we are all hoping he is on the mend soon.

Kerry and I had our first parent-teacher conference on Friday and it was nice to hear how well Miss H is doing at school. Her teacher gushed nice things and even complimented us on how well we were doing as parents. Both of us sat there a little dumbfounded about the whole conversation. Our child was a great listener! And followed directions! And plays well with everyone and generally loves school 🙂 We are so happy that she is not giving anyone a hard time. We did laugh about her uncanny ability to repeat word for word conversations that happened on the other side of the room  or down the hall(especially the ones you don’t think she could possibly be hearing).

After our little conference, we walked back to spy on Miss H in her activity class and she was playing with some classmates and looked totally content. She never noticed us watching and as we left, we commented about how we loved that she loves school and we really did make the right school decision.