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International Night

23 May

Miss H’s school does an annual International Night where all the families get to celebrate the school year. Last week, we were given a large piece of poster board that we were supposed to decorate with information about our heritage. Well, Miss H decided that none of those countries were acceptable because they were not continents. She was determined to be Australia (after correcting Kerry when he suggested Antarctica because you know, ‘that is NOT a country,’) so we decided that was just fine. We could have Australians somewhere along the family tree.


Grandma helped with the kangaroo, Kerry impressed us with his drawing skills and Miss H took an artistic approach to the flag. She was super proud of her work and we later learned that she was not the only one who insisted on ‘country and continent.’

It was fun to see all her school friends and they paraded in together.


Then, they all curtsied on stage for us (she has been practicing this for a week).


Plus, grandma and grandpa got to see her school, meet her teachers and see all her friends.

Then we had a great dinner of yummy international foods.

Little Miss H was exhausted after all this fun.


School will be over next month and then she starts summer camp!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

I got to spend the morning with Miss H’s class and it was so fun! They spent most of the morning mixing their normal work with Valentine’s themed activities like filling bags with cards, decorating and generally getting amped up with all the excitement. Also, I became the object of great interest among the kids. Most of them have seen me on a pretty regular basis at drop-off, pick-up and some family activities but I have not spent time in the classroom for a few months. At one point, I had Miss H in my lap, was listening to one read and helping one with some counting activities.

I learned that Miss H usually starts the day with wiping down the tables and chairs. I got a lesson on the correct way to perform this task.


Then, I got to watch pin punching in action. What is that you ask? Basically, it is a wood piece about the size of a crayon with a sharp point that you use to punch through the paper, closely together, round the shape until the shape is completely separate from the paper. Kind of like scissors but works on fine motor skills and attention to detail. From what I witnessed, all the kids are engrossed with the activity. Miss H corrected me on my skills.


Miss H has been talking about ‘when she goes to kindergarten,’ for a few weeks now and her teacher seems pretty confident they will start her in kindergarten this fall. More to come on this little development when we have more information. As the morning went on, I got to enjoy the cookies we made last night and the Valentine’s party. It was a great day at school and great to spend time with Miss H and her friends.

Miss H was so pleased to get mail today from Mom, Dad and Kathy. Opening the cards was so fun!


Mom’s card came complete with a paint set 🙂


Hope everyone had a great day!