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Potty Training Boot Camp

2 Sep

In July, friends of ours who have a daughter who is two months older than Miss H told us they had just finished the three day potty training boot camp and how it was a complete success. At that moment, Kerry decided that we would be doing this with Miss H on Labor Day weekend.

Well, here we are the Friday of Labor Day weekend and Day 1 of boot camp was pretty darn successful.

Now, Miss H has not always taken easily to things. The toddler bed conversion was a multi-stage disaster. Changing to the sippy cup required removing all bottles and everything associated with the bottles out of the house. She has worn the same pair of shoes everyday since April. She is very particular about most things so when Kerry decided we were just going to potty train her Labor Day weekend, I had my reservations.

But, somehow we have done this right. We started talking about it a few weeks ago. We stocked up on supplies. We made a huge deal about throwing all the diapers and wipes away.

Then, I went off to work and Kerry stayed home for Day 1. He has definitely received his ‘Father of the Year’ nomination. There were a few accidents but once she realized the day would be filled with endless quantities of juice and rewards, she learned very quickly.

So, wish us luck on Day 2. We are hoping to never, ever have to buy diapers again.

Catching Up

8 Mar

I know every few weeks I get behind on this blog so here is yet another post where I say I am behind and need to catch up.

Miss H resurrected her tutu this week and it is now becoming a daily accessory. It goes wonderfully with pajamas, jeans and pants. It compliments everything.

We went to Annapolis on Sunday to help Mom with a few house fixing things (well, Kerry fixed things and Miss H tried to trash the place). Mom reminded us how much Miss H loved the train at the mall so we headed there to take a ride. This was one of the instances where I wished I had my camera with me. As we got the ‘train depot’ in our view- Miss H took off full steam ahead after the train. Kerry was quick to take off after her and Mom and I just stood their laughing. She (and Kerry) ran the whole train route and I think she was giggling the whole way. The two of them were quite the spectical at the mall and I have neither picture nor video to prove it.

We did enjoy a family ride on the train and it was very exciting.

Plus, we modeled our new Peeps t-shirt.

The train, visiting Grandmom, running the mall, getting two pair of new shoes, eating lunch in the food court and trying to hunt down the cat (complete failure) left all of us very tired. But we had a lot of fun!

I promised myself that I would not discuss, er, stinky bodily functions on this blog but we now have an almost two year old that likes to let you know when she has ____ and also likes to ask random people, ‘do you_____?’ Of course, we hope this sudden awareness and curiosity means we will have a very successful run at potty training but instead of getting all prepared for that, we just laugh. Luckily, so far the random strangers have laughed too. I guess the statement, everybody _____ is true.

Do you like how I am keeping my promise and avoiding the word? 🙂