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Wrapping Up the Week at the Outer Banks

7 Aug

We were really fortunate to have great weather (and missing the really hot weather at home)! On Friday, we spent the morning at the Wright Brother’s Memorial. Miss H puts us all to shame in her running capabilities.

The view from the top was worth the trek up the hill.

After we got back down the hill, Miss H enjoyed flying a kite with other kids and the ranger. She was good about keeping it in the air!

Saturday was the big wedding day but we started off the day with some competitive putt putt.

I think we need to find a local course.

Then, Saturday evening was the wedding at Jennette’s Pier and it was nice to see friends get married on the beach. They had great weather and it was a fun time!

And, Kerry did his best walrus imitation.

The drive home was uneventful and Miss H was a trooper in the car. Now, we are back to work plus getting ready to move next week! We go to closing on Monday and then have a whole series of cable, internet, phone, alarm, painters, movers, tree inspectors and window covering specialists lined up for next week.


The Start of a Week at the Outer Banks

5 Aug

We left on Sunday morning for a week vacation at Nags Head. Four adults and one 3 year old required two cars, pounds of stuff and 5 stops along the way. However, traffic was light and we checked in with ease. Miss H loved our ‘vacation home’ and loved the beach even more. The kid who usually is sensitive to sand, seemed to forget about her previous dislike for the stuff and was rolling in it on the first day.

Also, we introduced Kerry’s dad to the beach and the power of the Atlantic Ocean. After a little tumble in the beginning, he became a pro in the waves, water and sand by day two. Mom was with us too and she taught Miss H to build sand castles, hunt for shells and to enjoy walking in the surf. ┬áSince Miss H was over her dislike for the sand, we spent our first morning at Jockey’s Ridge.

And, she had a blast climbing to the top and running to the bottom.

If you look really close, you can see Miss H running all the way down….

We almost had Kerry’s dad convinced to go hang gliding.

We ended Monday with a yummy shrimp and seafood dinner on the water. I will continue to post pictures tomorrow.