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Ickity Ick Ick Ick

9 Jun


We had grand plans for this weekend. Well, at least I did. They were not such grand plans but they definitely did not include what actually transpired.

Miss H was a tad grouchy on Friday and got grouchier on Saturday. She did not want to eat anything and she did not want to go anywhere. Like, good parents, we just chalked these things up to being 4. Then, she took a nap and we knew something was up. But, we had plans to go to the neighborhood picnic and she seemed rejuvenated from her afternoon slumber.

Grandpa learned how to play cornhole.


Miss H refused to get on the trampoline. This should have been our final indication that something was wrong. It became clear there was an issue when she projectile vomited all over herself and Kerry. We quickly left the party.

Today, was a lot of laying around for me and Miss H.

Kerry and Grandpa enjoyed an early Father’s Day outing at National’s Park.

Miss H seems to be on the mend. Here is hoping that this stomach bug is over.

And, Miss S embraced the laying around today too.


Hope your weekend was less icky than ours.

House Updates

23 Jan

We are slowly doing work around the house and have a growing list of projects we would like to accomplish. More trees removed, a deck or screened-in porch, backsplash for the kitchen, overhaul of the master bedroom, more painting and landscaping for the front. I realize I have posted no new photos in months.

We got a new couch in November and it fits the room much better. Also, I moved the location and like it better in front of the window.


We got a pantry for the kitchen but still need a better fitting table or we are even considering more cabinets.


We like our dining room but I want different and bigger artwork.



And, I am on the hunt for a new entryway light.


It is slowly coming together.