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Slowly Getting Organized

21 Aug

I think we are going to be unpacking boxes for the rest of the month but we are making progress! I am happy that we hired our favorite painters to do their magic on our living room, dining room, Miss H’s room and one of the spare bedrooms before we moved in. Kerry and I were a little overwhelmed with color choices but seeing our picks on the wall was a pleasant surprise. And, we are looking forward to them coming back in a few months to paint some more walls.

We have a majority of the living room and dining room set-up, and now it is just getting rid of the last boxes and starting to add artwork and fill the bookshelves. (I hope you like my drawn in shutters that will be installed in two weeks).

The dining room needs some artwork too but we really like our new table and chairs. Plus it is nice to be able to have eight chairs and still have additional space in the dining room.

More updates to come!