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Back to Montpelier Farms

15 Oct

A trip to Montpelier Farms has become one of our fall traditions.

First, in 2010.

Then in 2011.

And, now this year.

We went with Mom, Leigh, Chip, Amanda, Jim and Caitlyn and everyone enjoyed the day of pumpkin painting, slides, bounce house, the corn crib and all the other fun activities.

The kids got a ride around the farm.

The kids and their dads enjoyed the pumpkin slingshot.

Plus, we got a video.

They made corn angels.

And, road around the petal cart track with some help from Jim and Kerry.

They painted pumpkins with help from Mom.

We now have a new painted pumpkin to add to our growing front porch collection. After all the painting, we made another trek back to the slides and by that time, everyone was exhausted.

Another great year at Montpelier Farms!



We made the Travel site

19 Sep

WordPress pulls in sites by tags and we are on the ‘Travel’ site today.