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Smith Mountain Lake

7 Jul

We left hone on Saturday morning and drove to Smith Mountain Lake in about 4 hours. Our hopes that Miss H would be better in the car were short-lived. Even with the DVD built into the car, games, crayons, books and a suitcase full of toys, she was still not amused with the whole event. We stopped a few times to try and break up the trip but there was definitely some tears along the way and many requests to go back home. But, once we got there- she was all smiles. The resort was great and the pool was a huge hit. Especially those orange tunnels.



Our place was nice too! I just forgot to take pictures to prove it. Right behind our place was this great little beach and docks.



The water was really clear and warm. Plus, it was easy to dig for clams.


Kerry helped point them out.


Miss H kept up with her fearless ways in the water and the lake was perfect (no undertow or big waves like the ocean) for her.


And, she liked to just lounge around.


On the drive down on Saturday, Kerry saw the sign for Appomattox Court House and I knew we would be making a stop at some point over the week. The opportunity presented itself on Monday morning when it was a little overcast.


The park was nice and the weather cleared by the time we arrived. Here is Miss H in front of the jail.


On the same location is McLean House.


For the Civil War buffs, here is the place of the surrender.


We walked around, hit the gift shop (I refused to buy the Civil War coloring book and luckily convinced Miss H that the train one was much cooler) and explored all the buildings. Then we made a stop in Lynchburg, found a playground, found the J.Crew factory and headed back to the resort for swimming.

Before you start to think that vacation is all fun and games- on Tuesday morning, both Kerry and Miss H got to be seen at the local urgent care. It was a really nice urgent care and they got us in and out super quick 🙂 They both had a variety of awesome symptoms- sore throats, coughing, vomiting, ear aches and congestion.Miss H had strep plus an ear infection and Kerry had a really bad cold and sinus infection so it was back to rest for all of us since sleep was not something any of us got the night before.

I think at this point we both considered heading home (Miss H was mentioning it every 5 minutes) but we decided to stay and the rest of the week was much better! Luckily, Tuesday was a rainy dreary day and it made for good being sick weather.

By Wednesday morning, Miss H was much improved (Kerry was slightly improved) and we were glad we stayed.

More to come….



Back from the Lake!

6 Jul


We spent the last week at Smith Mountain Lake and it was really fun! Kerry spent many a childhood summer on lakes in Minnesota and has often talked about the wanting to explore lakes closer to home so we decided to give it a go. We stayed at Mariner’s Landing and it was nice to have all the space, several pools, a beach and being close to a lot of fun things.

Life at the lake was definitely low-key and that is exactly what we needed. We spent lots of time in the water, explored the area, had some great food and generally just enjoyed ourselves. I will post all the details later but here is a little preview.