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11 Jan

We have been hearing for the last few months that Miss H writes her name at school but we could never get her to write it on something at home. She would write the H and then nicely say, ‘I’m done.’

Wednesday night, I finally saw the proof. The ‘e’ is backwards but that is okay (you know, being left handed makes these things happen).


I might have won

15 May

There is a slim possibility that I won one gene war with Kerry. Hadley looks just like Kerry- same dark hair, same blue eyes, same nose, same ears, same smile and same toes. I really love that she looks like him- even thought I joke about the fairness of it all considering I carried her around for 37 weeks. Kerry and I have had a long running ‘battle’ about if she will be right-handed or left-handed. Of course, I am putting faith in my left-handed, recessive gene that she will be joining 10% of the population in her hand-ness. I finally got the proof in the pictures- she sucks on her left hand AND hold her pacifier in with her left hand.



Now, if she starts doing this with her right hand- I promise to post the pictures. And, I really would be okay with her being right-handed. The girls will still outnumber Kerry in the household.

You may be asking- why is Hadley’s head turned that way? Well, it is because she is watching television. I am fairly certain she can’t see the TV from the distant she is at but no matter where I have her in the living room she will try and twist herself in the direction of the sound. I have stopped fighting it (don’t want her to have neck problems). She likes HGTV. She will watch golf or hockey or baseball with Kerry. She does not like any form of crying on the television. When she hears crying, she joins in with this very sad whimpering cry. And, when the television is off, she stares at the big black soundless box on the wall.

I will keep you posted on the gene war.