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Lots of Birthday Parties!

6 Oct

We have been on the birthday circuit lately. First, it was  a princess party and Rapunzel even showed up.


09142013-12It was princess dresses, crafts and a group of girls who were totally enthralled. Miss H talked about it for weeks.

09142013-8Another perfect weather day!



Plus, the princess cake was delicious.

09142013-10Then it was the pirate princess party. They had a treasure hunt in and out of the house and finally located their own treasure chests.

09222013-1-2They all had fun decorating their treasure chests (and comparing their loot). Plus, the highlight of going to other people’s houses is playing with all new toys. Dressing up was a hit with everyone.09222013-1-1

Then we had a birthday party at the zoo. It was fun to get a tour from a great guide. We got to see a sloth bear, a panda, a snow leopard, zebras and many other animals that were super active in the morning. I did not get a lot of pictures because we were following a large group of kids around.

The panda was leisurely enjoying his bamboo.

09282013-1Miss H has had a lot of birthday fun in the last few weeks!







Birthday Bounce!

15 Jul

I have to admit that the bounce house birthday party is one of my favorite! It involves very little interaction from me, Miss H LOVES it (actually almost every kid loves it) and she is absolutely exhausted when it is time to go home. We headed to Bounce U in Rockville for a 6th birthday party and it was a lot of fun (as expected).

They have huge slides, obstacle courses, lots of things to bounce on and just general ways to burn lots of energy. Miss H seemed to love the big slides the best this time. I only had my iPhone so the action shots are kind of blurry.





Now, the one I did not get a picture of was the 25 foot mesh tube with webbing on multiple layers that Miss H insisted on climbing because it had the biggest slide attached to it. I saw some of the older kids struggling with the webbing and the climbing but knew I had a determined kid on my hands so I went into it as well. She really only needed help getting to the first level and then she was a pro who was scampering around all the other kids. But, then I got stuck between levels helping a lot of other kids climb to the top. At least some of the other parents were cheering me on 🙂

It was hard to get all the kids to look at the camera. Miss H was really proud to be sitting next to the birthday boy.


They bounced some more and then got filled up on pizza. And, he had an awesome John Deere cake.


Oh, and I realized writing this post that we did go to a fun dinosaur party a few weeks ago- I will have to post those photos this week.