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Taekwondo begins

29 Jun

Miss H has been asking to take ‘karate’ for the last couple months and we started her in a class a few weeks ago. She loves it! At first, even though she had been asking to go, she decided that she was not really that interested. We convinced her to go to the first class and now, it might be the highlight of the week.


She got earned her first belt on Wednesday.


It was a huge deal (and very serious) with the belt, a speech from the teacher, a round of applause of the other students and a certificate.


She is excited to ‘get all the belts!’


Speaking of birthdays… I had a milestone one

12 Jun


I had a big birthday. A entering a new decade birthday. And, we had so much fun.

I started off my morning getting spoiled with some wonderful gifts. And, then I got hands and feet pampered. Kerry and I enjoyed a great lunch at Bazin’s on Church. Then, we picked Miss H up at school and went to National Harbor to ride the Capital Wheel.


It was really cool.


Even though it was a little rainy, we have some great views.


Miss H was so excited to be that high in the air.



It went round and round.





We finished up with some good shopping and a nice dinner at home!