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Inauguration Day

20 Jan

No, we are not in the crowds. Kerry is out in Ashburn at work and I am going shopping with my sister in Annapolis (after watching the swearing in on TV). While part of me thinks it would be great fun to be down on the Mall and be part of history- the other part of me did not want to deal with crowds, lack of bathrooms and transportation. But, we have a few friends who got up in the middle of the night to venture downtown. Here are a few photos from this morning:


The reader base is growing

14 Jan

in very strange ways. The blog is now coming up in searches that include such keywords as port-a-potty, Inauguration, blocked bridges and Inauguration restrooms. And, I even got a comment (that I decided not to approve for posting) from a company that arranges toilets for large events. Great information to have but really, I have no authority over the restroom situation during the Inauguration but I am glad you let me know that the recommended number of restrooms would be 20,000 and they should be cleaned every 8 hours over the entire weekend. This information was sent to me from the official ‘Port-a-Potty Queen.”