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Preschool Holiday Party Mayhem

20 Dec


We had spent Monday evening making sugar cookies for the preschool’s annual holiday mayhem festivities. Miss H insisted on making school buses (because, you know, these cookies are for school!) We decorated them with season appropriate sprinkles to make up for the lack of holiday shapes.


The cookies were well received so I guess I was the only one that found the school buses un-festive.

The party started off with holiday crafts. We made ornaments, necklaces, candy canes and wreaths plus the bag to put them all into.




Yes, Kerry did get up from that chair.

Miss H was excited to see Oreo. She had to give him his Christmas lettuce.


Then we got to see a bizarre puppet show but all the kids seemed to enjoy it. The highlight for us was the preschool rendition of the 12 days of Christmas (Miss H has been practicing at home). I never realized it had dance moves that went along with it. Miss H loses interest a few times but does sing at the top of her lungs 🙂

Or click here.

Then Santa arrived to talk with all the kids.


We were all exhausted after the party! But it was a great end to the school year!

'What happened to you?!?'

12 Dec

That was my favorite quote from my office holiday party last night! I guess several of my co-workers had no idea that I was pregnant. For a little background- I work in our DC office and we outgrew our floor space so they moved part of the office down a few floors. Then in August, we acquired another company who is located out in Virginia. I feel I have seen a lot of the out-of-the-know co-workers on a regular basis and I feel like it is obvious that I am expecting but I guess they are either clueless, not observant, thought I was just putting on a few pounds (there were jokes last night about how it must have been that I got married and ‘let myself go’) or just not up on the office gossip. Highlights from the evening:

My boss sang and has a great voice (besides being the boss he is also in a band)!

barkleyThere was a lot of dancing and singing (the party was at a dueling piano bar).


dancing3And, somehow there was also working going on. Very dedicated editorial staff.