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Learning so much…

30 Oct

Miss H’s school does a fun event for the parents where the kids teach us what they have been learning. Kerry and I both get on the floor (and don’t easily get up) and work on the same things Miss H is doing in school. It is a great way to see all that they are learning and doing.

We have been hearing about the ‘boxes’ since school started and finally got some insight into how it all works. This was the one exercise she decided she was going to do herself. Maybe she thought we would not be so good at it? 🙂

There is a picture on one side of the card, a tray of letters and on the flip side of the card is the word. First, Miss H lines up all the cards and identifies the picture. Then, she tries to sound out and spell the word. Finally, she checks her work by flipping over the card and seeing if she spelled it right.

She did a awesome job!


She was very proud of herself and we were even more impressed with the exercise.

The Preschool Interview, Part Two (aka Miss H makes a visit)

6 Feb

This morning was Miss H’s day to visit the preschool. She liked that they had a school bus out front. She was a little shy at first and very concerned about what exactly we were doing there. One of the teachers met with us and showed us to the music room where she had some items spread out for Miss H to play with. There was a large mat that had a landscape painting that showed water, land and sky. Miss H immediately noticed the large mat and the little bowl of animals next to it. The teacher asked her to put the animals in the place where they live. She was really good about putting the birds in the sky, the tiger, snake and rabbit on the land and the shark, sea star, turtle (with the flippers) and fish in the sea. However, she insisted that the giraffe could fly. Even when questioned about it, she said that ‘giraffes fly at my house.’ Okay, I guess she gets points for imagination.

We then moved onto the classroom to check out the other kids and the activities they were doing. She was immediately impressed that snack was strawberries and goldfish. She politely got a plate, scooped herself some and sat down with a few kids at a table. I almost fell over when she followed their lead and washed her plate.

She played with many different objects, the puzzles and the arts table. The teacher kept commenting about her social skills and her genuine interest in the things around her. Plus, the teacher thought that she had ‘exceptional fine motor skills.’ Those little fingers are capable of opening most things these days!

When it was time to leave, Miss H was pretty adamant about wanting to stay. She even politely held my hand and led me towards the door saying, ‘you go to work, I will stay here.’  I guess that was a good sign considering I was not sure how she was going to react this morning.  I convinced her that it would be fun to visit the playground before we headed home so she said bye to her new friends and the teacher and we headed out to play.

She did not want to leave there either.

We won’t hear about admission until late March so keep your fingers crossed for us!