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A year ago today

22 Mar

Last year at this time- we had been admitted into Labor and Delivery and were watching basketball on TV. In a few hours, Hadley would make her entrance into the world and our lives would be forever changed. This year has been amazing and each day has brought on something new and fun. We often joke with statements like, ‘we have a baby’ or ‘what did we use to do with all our free time?’ but both of us have a hard time remembering life before Hadley.

In such a short time (or maybe it was the sleep deprivation making everything a blur), we went from our teeny, sleepy baby to our now very active one-year old. Just this morning she walked across the whole living room with great confidence. When we look back at pictures from the last year, we see the quick changes. From this:

to this:

to this:

and this:

and not to completely bore you:

okay, two more 🙂

And, just yesterday- enjoying her wagon ride:

Happy birthday to our little girl!

Her first birthday party!

21 Mar

We had a small party for Miss H today to celebrate her first birthday! The year sure has flown by for us.

Hadley got some really cute clothes and a grocery cart from Mom, a rocking chair and a stuffed lion from Leigh and Chip and some nice deposits for her college fund. Oh, how she will appreciate those deposits in 18 years!

We got her a mini- birthday cake to destroy.

And, she tried her best to destroy it.

Kerry had to show her what to do but then she decided she liked his cake better than her own.

In the end, she was covered with pink icing.

Her little hands are still stained.

Yeah for first birthdays!