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Baby Shower for Aunt Leigh

28 Apr


We hosted a baby shower for Aunt Leigh this weekend and it was fun times for everyone. Again, I totally failed in the picture department but I was busy setting up, hosting and enjoying all the company.



Aunt Leigh with her sister and sister-in-laws.


Miss H helping with the presents.


More food.


Dad and Kathy stopped by here en route to South Dakota (not the most direct route but it was all for a good cause) and we got to spend time with them this weekend too. Plus, Buddy and Miss S got to meet and play in the backyard. Buddy is going to be in for a shock the next time he comes to visit and Miss S is much bigger.


Mom came prepared to the shower with gifts for Miss H 🙂 The highlight was the new paint set and after the festivities were over, she made many paintings on the front walk. It was a great lesson in mixing colors and what colors you can make with only a few of the basics.


Today, we went to see Aunt Leigh (and Uncle Chip’s) new house this weekend. Miss H loved throwing the ball off the deck and kicking it around their big yard.



All in all, a great weekend for a baby shower, family, friends and fun!


Cousins (and a birthday party)!

30 Dec

In post-Christmas activities, we have been busy! The 26th started off with a tiny bit of snow but Miss H wanted to make sure her new shovel was fully functioning as she prepares for a lot of snow this winter. I think she is the only person in the house wanting it to snow and snow and snow. She has a sled that she is anxious to use too.


My cousin David and his family are in the process of moving to Boston and we got to see them as they made their drive north. The kids had a great time together and the hair color of all three is a perfect match 🙂


We hope the rest of their trip is easy and that starting new jobs and new schools goes really well!


Then, Miss H’s friend from school had a fun birthday party at Mobu in Falls Church. It was so fun! And, a great way to spend a windy and cold afternoon.



Miss H was impressed with all the games- plus the parachute is always her favorite. To add to the excitement, they finished off the party with cheese pizza and a princess cake.

And presenting, our future basketball player.


Hope everyone had a great weekend! And, happy almost New Year.