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A Little Road Trip

17 Nov

Last weekend, I headed up to Pennsylvania with Mom for ‘Baby Jason’s’ baptism. Miss H and Kerry stayed home because Miss H had a lovely cough that we did not want to spread to the little ones and we did not want to have to make an ER trip in an area that does not have a whole lot of hospitals. So, they stayed home and recuperated while I met up with Dad, Kathy, Aunt Leigh, Uncle Chip and their extended family.



The kids did great. The baptism was nice, we had a great lunch after the service and it was nice to hang out with everyone.


Jason enjoyed all the attention.

Miss H enjoyed her new bat headband from grandma. Halloween can live on until the next holiday.


Glorious Spring

8 Apr


Glorious spring has finally arrived! And it is fantastic. We spent a lot of time outside this weekend and enjoyed every minute.


Miss S is loving being in the backyard- chasing balls, eating rocks and generally exploring her new surroundings.


Miss H had a friend over for a playdate on Saturday and the kids enjoyed the dog, the sand table and being outside. Nobody wanted to go home from the fun but I made Miss H feel better by planting flwoers in the pots on the front steps.


Then, Kerry’s cousin Kara came to visit and we spent time at Mount Vernon. Miss H checked out the animals and I am sure there is a sign somewhere that says, ‘no standing on the fence.’


Plus, she demoed her yoga skills on the back porch.



04072013-6Again, the weather was perfect.



We had a great time catching up with Kara (and Kara loved playing with Miss H and the puppy). I think everyone was sad to see her go this morning.