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House Updates

23 Jan

We are slowly doing work around the house and have a growing list of projects we would like to accomplish. More trees removed, a deck or screened-in porch, backsplash for the kitchen, overhaul of the master bedroom, more painting and landscaping for the front. I realize I have posted no new photos in months.

We got a new couch in November and it fits the room much better. Also, I moved the location and like it better in front of the window.


We got a pantry for the kitchen but still need a better fitting table or we are even considering more cabinets.


We like our dining room but I want different and bigger artwork.



And, I am on the hunt for a new entryway light.


It is slowly coming together.

Bad time to remodel?

20 Mar

Kerry and I have been talking about remodeling both bathrooms for a few months. Now, not a complete remodel but new floors, new vanities, new lights and re-calking the tubs and shower. Originally Kerry was going to do most of the work but then we decided it was too much of a pain to tile the floors so we hired someone to come in for the tile work. Well, they are going to start Monday. Crazy, right? Well, we are going to pick out the tile, lights and vanity tomorrow and then the master bath will be done first. Once that bathroom is back to working, then they will do the guest bathroom.

And for the weekly baby update- still waiting! I figure that since we have scheduled this work to be done on the bathrooms that it almost guarantees I will go into labor 🙂 Since there has been no change since our little adventure to the hospital two weeks ago, my doctor is letting me work part days at the office. It is actually really nice to be out of the house! And, my schedule allows me to miss all the traffic and have a 27 hour work week.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!