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Busy Saturday

3 Nov


The time change is always a hard time in our house so we decided our approach this year would be pure exhaustion. We started the morning bright and early with Miss H’s final soccer game. The kids all had a good time and Miss H continued her five goal run.


They got trophies at the end. Everyone was happy.


One final team shot. We are looking forward to being on the same team for the spring season.


Then it was off to Home Depot for their kid’s Saturday even. We made a boat and a heart basket.


Since the weather was lovely and really warm for the second day of November- we headed out to explore the neighborhood. Miss H likes the ‘big place.’



So does the dog.


We got our fill of vitamin D and fresh air.


Then it was off to ice skating. Miss H has been asking about lessons since we saw Disney on Ice and we found lessons for her age group. The instructor was great and it was cool to see how quickly all the kids picked it up.


They all started off sitting.


Then it was wobbly standing.


And, next thing we knew, they were going across the rink. (Step, step, glide. Step, step, glide.)


Miss H is excited for more lessons!

After all this, I think Kerry and I were the most warn out but Miss H did sleep well. Most importantly, she slept until her normal time this morning!

Spring Forward

10 Mar

03092013-1Our weather has greatly improved this week! The sun was out all weekend and we got to enjoy the great temperatures. This weather is much better than the snow and slush from earlier this week. Miss H made the jester hat at school. It has been her must have accessory of the week.

The time change did not seem to impact this household today and that is a good thing! Maybe all the fresh air helped?

We spent some time at the park.


And, Kerry squeezed himself on the equipment too.


Plus, we refilled our book supply. Miss H loves to check the books out.

03092013-2It was a great weekend of spring sun and we are looking forward to the nicer temperatures. We have a busy few weeks coming up! We are getting some work done on the house, Dad is coming for a visit, Miss H is having a big birthday party and we are getting a puppy 🙂 Stay tuned!