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Our first trip to the ER

16 Nov


It was a rough weekend at our house. Hadley got both a trip to the doctor’s office and her first trip to the ER this weekend. The official diagnosis was a case of croup and it was not fun for any of us. We ended up at the hospital’s pediatric emergency room and luckily they took us right back when we arrived. Hadley was not so impressed with the baby hospital gown, the blood oxygen monitor (it was a band-aid stuck on her big toe and we already know how she feels about those), the stethoscope, the tongue depressor, the instrument to look in her ear, the apple juice they tried to give her, the baby Motrin they had to give her, the steroid treatment, the nurses, the doctors, the hospital bed or either one of her parents. It was scream fest 2009 and we are fairly certain the whole hospital (and possible the entire county) heard her displeasure. The doctor even commented that with all the screaming he was confident her lungs were clear. We are not really sure what else he said because it was hard to hear over the screeching.

Luckily, we got our happy kid back and we think she has forgiven us for the whole hospital adventure.


Her favorite part of the weekend was the steam baths she continued to get and the new sea animal bath toys that are just as much fun in the tub as on the living room floor.  Aunt Leigh got her a stuffed turkey the even gobbles (I forgot to get a picture) and she loves to chew on his tail.


And, she has mastered getting up in the crawling position. She has not quite figured out how to get her arms and legs moving yet but we both are guessing in a few days she will be a master crawler.

Hope everyone had a weekend that was a lot less stressful than ours!