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The leftovers are gone….

30 Nov

We finished up the Thanksgiving leftovers and I have a feeling we will be having this macaroni and cheese recipe more often.


Party planning

23 Nov

Kerry and I are hosting Thanksgiving at our house AND the next weekend Leigh and I are having a holiday cookie exchange for 15+ people. So, I have some serious cooking and baking to do. We hosted Thanksgiving last year and it worked out well so we are hosting again. Leigh and Mom are helping with the side dishes and I am responsible for the turkey. Also, George and Jan will be joining us for the feast. We are keeping with a pretty traditional menu- turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, the famous green bean casserole dish, corn pudding, oyster stuffing, Stove Top stuffing for Leigh and Kerry, rolls and pumpkin pie. Yum! And, I am definitely making cranberry butter.


Now, the cookie exchange was Leigh’s idea and I volunteered our house. We asked everyone we invited to bring three dozen holiday cookies and they will leave with an assortment of three dozen cookies from what everyone else baked. Leigh and I are going to bake a few dozen extra cookies and Leigh is going to make some fudge. We got these really cute bags in containers for everybody’s treats. My baking issue is that my pregnancy is not allowing me to have peanut products or anything with nuts at the moment (peanut butter is one of my favorite foods) so it rules out a bunch of standby recipes. I am definitely making sugar cookies and some sort of oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. And, I might be brave and attempt gingerbread (and I can guarantee they will not be as cute as Martha’s below)


Any good cookie recipes you can suggest? Just remember, no nut or peanuts or peanut butter or almond extract or coconut.