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Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

Mom, Leigh and I started off Christmas Eve with a nice church service in Old Town while Kerry and Miss H took naps. It was nice to go to a noon service (plus we got to do a little shopping before) and the Christmas music was great.

After an afternoon of trying to keep Miss H from removing all the ribbons from the presents, an enchilada dinner and assembling the car ramp- we were all ready for a good sleep. We knew we would be up bright and early.

It was SO exciting  for Miss H to have everyone in the house and all the presents under the tree. Miss H did not know what to play with first. The car ramp and the Wheelie Bug from Santa were huge hits (and this was before we even got anything unwrapped).

Leigh showed up with our traditional Christmas breakfast (cinnamon rolls and pigs in a blanket) just in time to see all the wake-up commotion.  Miss H discovered there were more toys in her stocking and in packages under the tree.

Another favorite of the day was the American Girl Bitty Baby from Mom and a stroller from Leigh.

Then she opened the cat piano (fully equipped with a microphone that she loves) from Leigh and Chip. Luckily it has volume control but the singing does not.

We got a few of our own presents squeezed in among the pile and Kerry got a great Tennessee quilt that Leigh made.

We all got spoiled by Mom, Leigh, Dad and Kathy and Kerry’s dad. I got really spoiled by Kerry too 🙂 I love my new watch and food processor (this was totally my wish and it went against Kerry’s ‘I can’t buy you a kitchen appliance as a gift’ voice in his head).

Another Christmas tradition I enjoy is the delivery of truffles from the Chubby Chipmunk in South Dakota that Dad and Kathy send.

Miss H was so excited by all of it.

She eventually wore herself out and crashed for an afternoon nap. She was re-fueled for more playing time and it was hard to decide between the car ramp, the baby and the paino plus various books, a Barney doll, a puzzle, this gear toy thing, stacking blocks and the usual kitchen utensils.

Since she is our little problem solver, she just pulled the stroller, the baby and the piano on the couch.

But, then the baby needed her afternoon snack of animal crackers.

Once again we forgot to pose for the group picture so here is the no make-up on Christmas afternoon picture 🙂

Kerry was so exhausted by it all that he is now camped out on the couch.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! Now, we are on a winter storm watch and expecting several inches of snow tomorrow. More to come!

Not so sure about those ornaments

12 Dec

We put the tree and lights up last weekend but decided to wait on the ornaments until this weekend. The idea was to let Miss H get over the excitement of the tree (TREE! TREE!) before we decorated the thing. This goes down as yet another of our parenting ideas that completely failed. The ornaments are only on the top half of the tree but they are very upsetting. So upsetting at one point today, we even discussed taking them off. Post-nap today they were mostly ignored so we will wait and see what tomorrow brings. We might be just a lights on the tree kind of family.

We got a shelf delivered yesterday and the box and wrapping were so fun! I am thinking this is what Christmas is going to be like. Marching through the piles of wrapping was the entertainment of the afternoon.

Add to that- getting in the box, getting out of the box, getting in the box, getting out of the box, getting in the box, getting out of the box, in, out, in, out- it made for a very tired little girl.

I did some serious baking yesterday. I made 8 dozen cookies for a party today and I will be doing the same for a party next weekend. We will be having plenty of Christmas cookies in the next week! I made Chocolate Crackle Cookies today and need to find something just as yummy for next weekend. Any suggestions?