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We are nerds

10 Feb

And, we both are okay with it. Kerry and I both love history, playing tourist and exploring cities. We even spent our honeymoon touring around Boston (we had already spent a week lounging on the beach at Sanibel). While in Boston, we walked everywhere (with our tour book hidden in my purse), went to historic sites and towns, ate at tucked away places and just really enjoyed the city. And, we are about to go explore another city- Charleston here we come. Here are a few things already on the agenda:

We are taking a tour of the Hunley submarine- used during the Civil War by the Confederates. More history here:


We are taking a cruise around Charleston Harbor and visiting Fort Sumter:

sumter2Also, we will be seeing Amy and Dan (friends of mine from college- Kerry met them a few years ago when we were in Wilmington)! let us know if you have suggestions on restaurants, things to do or places to see!

Oh, and we are staying on Kiawah so hopefully the weather stays nice so we can get some walks on the beach.


The Recliner

18 Jan

The new recliner/glider/rocker is now in the house. It was convenient that it arrived right before the two football games today- Kerry decided to keep it in the living room for a few hours to ‘break it in’ and ‘make sure it was comfortable.’ It was football, chili, a fire in the fireplace and a recliner and he was completely happy.

kerryrecliner2The chair did get moved back to the nursery but Kerry had to make sure it was still comfortable.

kerryreclinerAnd, I promised several people I would post a profile picture of my expanding middle. No laughing allowed. I have 10 1/2 weeks left!

bellyIt has been a pretty quiet weekend at the house due to the Inauguration and not being able to easily get around town so we do not have a whole lot to update. In a few weeks we head to Charleston and so far we have plans for a ghost tour, a tour of the Hunley submarine and a trip to Fort Sumter. Let us know if you have any other suggestions!