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Memorial Day Weekend, Part 1

28 May


For Miss H, Memorial Day Weekend, means the pool has finally opened. For weeks, she has watched the repair, cleaning, filling and maintenance of the pool and desperately wanted to jump right in. So, on Saturday we were one of the first there. Like most kids, she was completely immune to the chilly water and had a blast. I think our weekends will be filled with time at the pool.

The rest of Saturday was filled with a birthday party and a trip to Bethesda to see a friend’s new baby daughter. We did stop by her new school to check out the playground. She gave it a thumbs up. Hoping she likes the whole place in a few weeks.
Yesterday, we did our regular farmer’s market trip and then back to the pool. Kerry has wanted to take Miss H to a baseball game, or really any sporting event, but we wanted to test out a smaller venue first. Since the Bowie Baysox played this weekend, we decided to head there for a game.


Besides the heat, it was a great venue! Free parking, cheap tickets and Louie-ville. Louie is the mascot and has a play area that includes a carousel, moon bounce, chance to hit baseballs, throw baseballs and face painting. Miss H had zero interest in baseball but she loved Louie-ville. She was a sweaty, tired mess (almost fell asleep on the carousel kind of tired) by the time the 5th inning rolled around and we decided to head home.

Mom even enjoyed Louie-ville.

We did see Louie but Miss H was a little skeptical of the green monster.


We succeeded in exhausting all of us the last two days! Hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying the weekend.