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The Petting Zoo Party!

23 Mar


We had Miss H’s big birthday party here today and it was great to see some many friends (and meet the parents of her school friends). Luckily, the weather improved and it was nice and sunny.



A few months ago, Miss H started talking about a sheep and a pig and a goat for her birthday and it never stopped so I knew I needed to figure something out. I stumbled across Squeals on Wheels and it turned out awesome! As I was confirming things with Squeals on Wheels, she decided she really wanted bunnies and a pig so we had an assortment of bunnies, ducks, chicks and a super friendly pot-belly pig.





Miss H got to go into the pen first and meet all the animals. I think she loved the baby bunnies. The ‘big’ bunny weighed more than she did ­čÖé


She had the option to stay in the pen or leave and she ended up staying in there for almost the full hour. All the kids were great with the animals and Tyler from Squeals on Wheels was so good with the kids.

Of course, no party would be complete without cake.


We got some more fun photos and then everyone headed home.





We checked out some more of our cool presents and then MIss H went to work on art projects (complete with her new fairy wings).



Dinosaur Party!

3 Mar

Miss H was invited to a classmates dinosaur party at the Hidden Oaks Nature Center today and it was so fun! When we first got there, all the kids were dressing up in the costumes and checking out the snakes. I am sure the snakes were a little concerned about the abnormally large lady bugs, bats, bees and flies. Miss H decked herself out in the bat costume but the look was not complete until she put her sequined boots back on.


The bat and a large snake hanging out in the tree.


They got a lesson on dinosaurs (I think the kids were trying to out talk the instructor) and then got to see some modern day reptiles. The bearded dragon was a huge hit. He ate mealworms and everyone got to pet him.


Notice, the nice lady armed with hand sanitizer.


The party finished up with making dinosaur magnets and then onto food and cake. Miss H was a little disappointed that the cake was chocolate but was easily distracted by the yummy dinosaur cookies (and strawberry and blueberry kabobs). It was nice to see all her friends at the party!