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Early Birthday Celebration

22 Apr

Kerry’s birthday is coming up soon but we celebrated this weekend because we have family coming into town the next two weekends. Saturday was a perfect evening for steaks (and seafood for me)! When I made the reservation, I mentioned Kerry’s birthday so he was spoiled with a dessert plate. I enjoyed the chocolate items while Kerry stuck with the vanilla and strawberry flavors 🙂


Also, this weekend, Miss S started puppy classes and she was worn out by the time she got home. We have had a few incidents of torn pants, stolen smoothies (she took Miss H’s right out of her hands) and general puppy mischief this week. Hopefully, she becomes the star pupil soon. I am still shocked when people ask me, ‘what type of dog is she?’ I feel like the ears give it away!


Miss H and I met friends at the park on Sunday and enjoyed the sunshine and company. All the kids were exhausted after three straight hours of running around.


Hope everyone had a nice weekend!