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A Little Road Trip

17 Nov

Last weekend, I headed up to Pennsylvania with Mom for ‘Baby Jason’s’ baptism. Miss H and Kerry stayed home because Miss H had a lovely cough that we did not want to spread to the little ones and we did not want to have to make an ER trip in an area that does not have a whole lot of hospitals. So, they stayed home and recuperated while I met up with Dad, Kathy, Aunt Leigh, Uncle Chip and their extended family.



The kids did great. The baptism was nice, we had a great lunch after the service and it was nice to hang out with everyone.


Jason enjoyed all the attention.

Miss H enjoyed her new bat headband from grandma. Halloween can live on until the next holiday.


And, we got Hadley baptized…

5 Aug


Hadley got baptized at St. Mary’s Church in Denver and the only part she did not like was the salt in her mouth.


Her godmother even flew in from Seattle for the big event.


And, we put her in the christening gown my grandmother bought in England over 40 years ago. All Hadley wanted to do was to try and eat it or pull it over her head.


But, it was nice to get pictures of her in the gown. And, the grandparents were proud.