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Wreaths at Arlington, Year Two Plus Other Weekend Events

16 Dec


Last year, Kerry volunteered for Wreaths Across America at Arlington and we decided we would all go this year. It was impressive to see all the people who came out to help. It was touching to see all the families and volunteers.


Equally impressive was Miss H making the trek from Rosslyn to Arlington Cemetery to a section further away and then walking back up to Rosslyn. She was a trooper. Plus, she like sitting on the ‘cats’ at the base of the Carillon.


I tracked our walking and we logged over 4 miles. And, walking in my boot is not the most comfortable but it was well worth it for a good cause.


Later in the afternoon, Miss H and I headed to one of my co-worker’s birthday party. Miss H had a grand time with the other kids and was happy that the food included fresh fruit, hummus, carrots, olives and strawberry cake. It was like they knew all her favorites. Plus, they had a cat who was very, very patient.


Sunday, we ran a bunch of errands in the morning and then Mom and I headed to the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. We both learned knew things about him and saw work we had never seen. If you like pop art, it is definitely worth a visit. Miss H stayed home and I got this photo texted to me while we were gone. I guess she was still a little tired from all that walking. She completely collapsed on the floor.


Once she was re-charged, we made the cookie dough for the sugar cookies that we are bringing to her school party this week.


Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Our thoughts are with all those families in Connecticut.

Fun Bridal Shower!

21 May

It was Leigh’s bridal shower on Sunday and she was spoiled by family and friends! It was nice to see so many people come out and we had a great time. My new favorite cake place did not disappoint anyone at the party 🙂 Even though they forgot to put her name on the cake, the raspberry butter cream was delicious!

We posed for some friends and family photos too.

We were lucky to have another great weather weekend. On Saturday, Miss H had fun at soccer. We were laughing at them all holding hands. The coach has been so good with this 3 year old crew.

Miss H has loved soccer. It is going to be hard to break the news that classes don’t start again until September. We are debating between going back to gymnastics or starting dance class. She wants to play lacrosse (aka “the nets”) but she needs to be 4 years old for that sport.

After class on Saturday, we decided to go to Arlington to check on the headstone of Kerry’s friend. It was nice to see it was there. We got a lot of walking in and enjoyed the nice weather! Hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂