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So proud of herself!

16 Dec

Hadley can pull herself up on furniture now. And, she then gets so proud of herself.

She is happy but it scares us a little. Considering she has no fear or concept of gravity- she will pull herself up and then all of a sudden let go. We both are following her around as she tries her new tricks on the furniture.

And, we have a lovely plastic fence that goes around our Christmas tree because the tree is not as stable of a pull-up tool as the ottoman or dining room chair but Hadley has no concept of that either.

Last year, when I was lamenting about the ugliness of baby gear, I did not realize that it only got worse. Well, now we are outfitting our house with plastic gates and baby fences and outlet covers and power strip covers and special cabinet hooks and special locks. Wahoo for more plastic! But it is all in the name of safety (and sanity).

We could have a walker amongst us very, very soon.

It seemed like a good idea

14 Dec

A few months ago, we scheduled to have Hadley’s picture taken by the same woman who did her newborn photos but had to cancel because we needed to go to North Carolina to see Uncle Carlton. Then we rescheduled but we had to cancel again because Hadley got croup and had to go to the ER. We still want to reschedule those photos but it looks like it will be after the holidays. So, we decided to try a local portrait studio since we got a coupon and thought it would be a great present for the grandparents and family. Well, things did not quite work out that way. There were no tears but Miss H was having no part of the professional pictures. The photographer and the studio were so nice but no matter what they did- no smile was to be had.

We actually got some funny outtakes.

Even though she would love to unwrap every present at our house- the thought of touching this one is not pleasant.

But the ribbon sure tastes good.

Here she is planning her escape….

We did get one cute picture but it won’t be available until post-holidays so you will just have to wait to see that one. And, the grandparents will get there copy as a New Year’s gift!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!