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13 Nov


I have been a bad blogger this week. My only excuse is that the weather has been miserable but now it is Friday and it is supposed to be nice all weekend. Yes, Kerry is swinging Hadley by her feet and wrists in the picture above and she is giggling and smiling with glee. She loves it!

Our big news this week is that Hadley and I both were able to get the H1N1 vaccine. We had gotten an appointment for just Hadley but since people were failing to show up for their appointments the nurse offered me one too. Now, we just have to go back at the beginning of December for Hadley’s H1N1 booster. She did not react to getting the shot but freaked out when the nurse tried to put the band-aid on her. Who knew a band-aid could be so scary?

After the trauma of the band-aid, life was back to normal and neither one of us had any side effects from the vaccine. My friend at work says we are now protected from the ‘hamtrax.’

Week in review:


Hadley loves trying to eat reading her Eric Carle book.


Spreading toys all around.


Trying to destroy Playing on her laptop with toys spread all around.


Spreading more toys around on the floor.


And, when she finally gets away from the toys- she heads straight to the fireplace to lay on the cold slate and watch herself in the glass.

Hope everyone has had a nice week!

Beautiful weather for November

8 Nov


We have been enjoying a beautiful fall weekend with weather in the 70s! Kerry and I took advantage of the nice weather yesterday and ventured to Fort Washington.  We saw it from the river this summer when we had taken a boat cruise from Mount Vernon but neither one of us had ever been to the fort. The place is huge! And, there was no one there.



There was a great view of DC and Alexandria.



After walking around and exploring the f0rt- we were in the mood for some yummy pizza. Instead of going to are usual favorite place, we decided to try out Comet Ping Pong and it was great. Highly recommend the pizza and it was definitely kid friendly in the afternoon.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!