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Halloween Month

6 Oct

It is October so we figure Hadley can sport her Halloween gear. in tribute to Kerry’s love of ketchup- Leigh sent me a link to a trick or treat bag that looked like a ketchup packet a few weeks ago but over the weekend Mom found it at the store. Now, Hadley has her first trick or treat bag and she loves it.  I guess girls love of bags starts early!

100309-HV-1Yum, felt tastes so good.

100309-HV-2This morning she got to wear her Halloween onesie and new socks (that could also match her Tennessee onesies). This was the only picture because she was trying to eat the house plant (and  it is now at my office because it can be dangerous to small children).


In other orange news, I am making acorn squash tonight for Hadley (and a little for me) and I am hoping she likes it because there will be many one ounce servings in the freezer.

Rollin' round the floor

5 Oct

Hadley is on the move! Her primary mode of transportation is rolling and now that she has figured out how to roll both to the left and right- there is no stopping her. Her two favorite destinations are the slate around our fireplace and the door. But, those are both ignored when she sees something she can grab onto and put in her mouth.

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