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Day 1: Epcot

4 Jun

02022015-5We flew into Orlando on Saturday morning, got our rental car (minivan! more on this later), checked into the condo (probably should exclamation point this too!) and then headed to Downtown Disney to get all situated and get some food. We ate at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants and both kids determined it was the best macaroni and cheese ever. We called Saturday a win for everything running smoothly and got some rest for our first day in the parks.


We started off at Epcot- it was Superbowl Sunday and it was really quite. We got totally spoiled by the lack of people, lines and the appearance of characters and princesses on every corner. The weather was fantastic too!

EPCOT_FUTURE_7176027773 (2)


EPCOT_WSUK_7176429815 (2)

Miss H loved the princesses.




Kerry enjoyed the antics took.


EPCOT_WSUK_7176429013 (2)Also, she loved many of the rides- including Soarin‘. ┬áNo pictures because it was dark and we were moving pretty quickly!

It was a very successful first day and we all enjoyed ourselves. We did laugh when the kids declared it was time to ‘go back to the minivan’ and find more macaroni and cheese.