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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

17 Mar

We have had a little ickiness in our house this week. Miss H got a cold (and a fever so not sure if that is a cold?) and missed two days of school. We knew she was not feeling well when she just wanted to sleep and did not want to go to school.


She is still has a lingering cough (and I have pink eye!) but we are finally on the mend! We spent the weekend running errands and preparing for the arrival of Dad and the birthday festivities this week. We are having a whole bunch of kids (and their parents this weekend). This might be the biggest gathering this new house has seen. I am hoping it does not rain because I am not sure what to do with 15+ kids and their parents inside.

Miss H is going to be totally shocked by her birthday party surprise and her birthday presents. Stay tuned!

Spring Forward

10 Mar

03092013-1Our weather has greatly improved this week! The sun was out all weekend and we got to enjoy the great temperatures. This weather is much better than the snow and slush from earlier this week. Miss H made the jester hat at school. It has been her must have accessory of the week.

The time change did not seem to impact this household today and that is a good thing! Maybe all the fresh air helped?

We spent some time at the park.


And, Kerry squeezed himself on the equipment too.


Plus, we refilled our book supply. Miss H loves to check the books out.

03092013-2It was a great weekend of spring sun and we are looking forward to the nicer temperatures. We have a busy few weeks coming up! We are getting some work done on the house, Dad is coming for a visit, Miss H is having a big birthday party and we are getting a puppy 🙂 Stay tuned!