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We are on snow watch 2010

15 Dec

We are supposed to get one to two inches of snow tomorrow and possibly more on Sunday. I am hoping it is not a repeat of last December.  The Sunday storm would fall on the exact same day as the big storm last year.

It has been so cold this week. Miss H is not a fan of the cold or the wind or a coat or a hat or really anything that slows down her movement. She must not have gotten the Minnesota cold weather genes.

So, how much snow do you think we will get?


Not so sure about those ornaments

12 Dec

We put the tree and lights up last weekend but decided to wait on the ornaments until this weekend. The idea was to let Miss H get over the excitement of the tree (TREE! TREE!) before we decorated the thing. This goes down as yet another of our parenting ideas that completely failed. The ornaments are only on the top half of the tree but they are very upsetting. So upsetting at one point today, we even discussed taking them off. Post-nap today they were mostly ignored so we will wait and see what tomorrow brings. We might be just a lights on the tree kind of family.

We got a shelf delivered yesterday and the box and wrapping were so fun! I am thinking this is what Christmas is going to be like. Marching through the piles of wrapping was the entertainment of the afternoon.

Add to that- getting in the box, getting out of the box, getting in the box, getting out of the box, getting in the box, getting out of the box, in, out, in, out- it made for a very tired little girl.

I did some serious baking yesterday. I made 8 dozen cookies for a party today and I will be doing the same for a party next weekend. We will be having plenty of Christmas cookies in the next week! I made Chocolate Crackle Cookies today and need to find something just as yummy for next weekend. Any suggestions?