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20 Mar

Kerry felt awful for most of the weekend and we were both dreading his early morning appointment on Monday. I was convinced that he might end up back in the hospital but the doctor thought everything looked good considering he had major surgery. Today, he was actually up and moving around and generally feeling better.

Since Kerry was in no shape to deal with an almost three year old who wanted to smother him with attention, we spent a few hours on Saturday and Sunday out of the house.

On Saturday, we had a play date with one of her best buds. The kids ran around, picked dandelions, hunted for rocks and generally enjoyed the 70 degree weather while the two moms enjoyed coffee and the sun. Then we all enjoyed a nice pizza lunch.

Sunday, we headed to another good friend’s house and played with their dogs, walked a mile to a park, ran around the park, walked home, had ice cream and played t-ball.

Miss H was sufficiently exhausted on both days. This caring for a husband post-surgery while caring for an active kid is tough!

So, thanks to everyone who have dropped off delicious food (we even got Georgetown Cupcake), invited us on play dates, called and emailed. We appreciate your well wishes and I am happy to tell you that Kerry is much improved!

Speaking of Miss H, she turns three on Thursday!


The ‘in sickness’ part

16 Mar


Since I met Kerry in 2004, he has had shoulder surgery, two spinal fusions, hip surgery and a lower back surgery. This week marked spinal fusion number three to fix the two previous surgeries that did not work. The thing about having the same surgery three times is that we know the recovery is going to be long and not pleasant. Kerry has been a great patient but the recovery from this one is similar to the others for him. Long and painful.

Now, Miss H adds a whole new dimension to surgery and recovery. She is very aware that Daddy does not feel well and worries about it. A few weeks ago, when we took Miss H to the doctor, she would not let the doctor look in her ears. The pediatrician looked at her and very seriously said, ‘I need to see if Tinkerbell is in your ear.’ Miss H is a big fan of Tinkerbell so she totally changed her attitude and let the doctor get Tinkerbell out of her ear. Now, she thinks any trip to the doctor is for the extraction of Tinkerbell. Including for Kerry.

She has been telling her daycare provider, our neighbors, Mom, Aunt Leigh and really anyone who will listen about ‘Daddy’s big band aid on his neck,’ and that ‘Daddy went to the doctor to get Tinkerbell out of his ear.’

There have been a few bumps in the road this week. Surgery took longer than predicted, daylights savings completely messed up Miss H’s schedule and we ended up back at the doctor because Kerry had a high fever. I am hoping this weekend that the corner turns and Kerry starts to feel better (and it would really help if someone would go to sleep before 9pm). This week, we very much appreciate family and friends who have helped us out plus my very understanding work for not caring that I don’t know when I will be back and the outstanding insurance they provide. Again, thanks for the outstanding insurance.

So we definitely have the ‘in sickness’ part covered and we are doing really well. Thanks for all the thoughts and well wishes!