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It arrived before her first day of kindergarten

9 Jul

070709-HV-1Remembers the whole birth certificate and Social Security debacle? I went to get the mail after work and was completely dumbfounded to see the Social Security Administration envelope. My pessimistic voice was telling me- ‘great, another form or something for us to fill out,’ but no Hadley’s card arrived today. Name spelled right and all. Somehow forms got moved between Virginia and DC in record time! I do love the instruction on the card that child is not supposed to sign until they have a first job or turn 18. Glad they don’t encourage infants to sign the card.

Hadley and I were having fun last night ‘flying.’

070809-HV-2Hadley had an array of giggling, making noises and then vomitting. Kerry did not catch the massive amount of digested milk that ended up on me with the camera. Here is a picture right before the incident.


Hadley and Kerry found the liquid mess to be very funny. Me, not so much.

She is trying so hard to sit up and loves spending time standing in her exersaucer. It is pretty funny to watch her bang on the different pieces. Her favorite seems to be the button that plays Old MacDonald.



Hope everyone is having a good week!


6 Jul

We did not make it to the pool yesterday due to a cloudy below 80 degree day so no pool pictures this week. Kerry was happy about the weather because he got to watch both the final match of Wimbledon and the final day of Tiger Wood’s golf tournament without interruption. Hadley even got enjoyed both events. Like father like daughter…


Hadley added her own commentary to both events- she made a wide array of grunts, screeches, shrieks, coos, gurgles and babbling noises at the most opportune times. She has definitely discovered her voice and every time Kerry and I would laugh at the noises, she just would make them louder.

I have always heard how most kids would rather play with the box or paper instead of the gift or the simplest ball is the best entertainment. Well, Hadley’s entertainment is a yellow and orange spoon. She swings it around, hits herself in the head with it, chews on it, hits us with it, sticks it between her toes, laughs at it, screams at it and tries to put it in her ear. Hours of entertainment from a $2 spoon.



And, not to discuss bodily functions but today’s events warrants the discussion. Stop reading here if you have no interest or have a strong gag reflex. This morning as we were getting ready to leave the house- Hadley was in her Bumbo seat and I was putting my shoes on and I heard this very distinct noise. I looked up and Hadley had this look on her face and immediately started giggling. I picked her up from the bumbo and there was poop everywhere. Literally. Down her legs, in the seat, on her arms. Gross. So I tried to pick her up and that resulted in it being spread to me and the floor. Gross again. The culprit was a defective diaper (one leg elastic was not there). She quickly got bathed and changed while I got changed, carpet and bumbo cleaned and the laundry started. Then after work, Hadley is laying across me and happily sucking on her hand. Well, remember a few weeks ago when I talked about how she would occasionally gag herself?? Well, she must have stuck her hand too far down her throat because she projectile vomited everywhere. On me, her, the couch, the front of her outfit, my shirt, my shorts and on her legs. Gross, gross, gross. After the 5 second shock of this event wore off- she got a huge smile on her face and giggled. Off we went again to the bathtub and to start another round of laundry. Somehow Kerry avoided both events today.