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19 Aug

Someone is very happy to be back to her normal routine.

It is back to giggles and running around the house. And, it is so true they repeat everything you say. We have a gate that blocks off our kitchen (easier than childproofing the whole place) and Miss H was protesting me stepping back and forth over the gate and not taking her with me. Since I had the oven and stove top on and was getting things in and out of the refrigerator- I did not take her into the kitchen with me. Beecause of this, her protesting got louder and my response was, “I know- mean mommy.” I made the mistake of saying it a few times. Now, if I step over the gate or don’t let her hold the car keys or pull on the hair dryer or try to put her in her car seat- I get a very distinct, ‘MEAN MOMMY.’

I am trying not to even crack a smile when she says it and not even acknowledge it. I can’t wait until she screams it in a public place. This is my first real lesson in the ‘kids repeat everything’ category.

She was waiting patiently to leave the house this morning.

When we got home it was a little treat before dinner. This falls into the ‘don’t make a face until you try it category’- toast with grape jelly and a slice of cheese. It really is good!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

And off to the farm…

9 Aug

This is the point in our trip when things started to go really downhill. Miss H is usually our easygoing, fun-loving, adapable kiddo but all of a sudden she was not so happy. She did not want to be in the stroller or in the carseat or in a high chair or to be held or really anything. I am sure you are thinking that a farm is a great place to run free but she was kind of freaked out by cows and kittens. She did not want to be in the grass but in the street. She did not want anything to do with the other guests at the farm and was really just miserable. Her misery made us miserable so after hours of feet stomping, a semi-sleepless night, a unhappy camper at our farm breakfast and a small reprive at the Hands on House Children Museum– we decided to pack it up and head home. We were worried that the ear infection had returned and we worried about her in general. Luckily, we got into the doctor and the ear infection was long gone but we were still glad to have our happy, easy going kid back. She likes her house and bed and schedule and toys and maybe she just does not travel well right now. The drive home reminded us that sometimes things don’t work out as planned. We both agreed that even though we lost two nights away- it was worth it to have no more tears. We will try a vacation again at a later date and maybe the next time all will be well. But we did get some good pictures!

The Rocky Acre Farm in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.

They had some cool tractors just for the kids.

It was her favorite part of the place.

She liked the chickens too.

And she fed the goat.

The farm had a nice spot by a stream.

Kerry got to see a baby calf being born but did not take photos. For this, I might be grateful 🙂