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Midweek exhaustion

21 Jul

It has been a really busy over in our house- and it is only Wednesday!It started with a busy Sunday afternoon. We went to a first birthday party at our friends Shadi and Adam’s house whose son Cyrus turned one. I failed to take picutres but it was about 60 people, a ton of Persian food and Miss H enjoying every minute and everybody. She made quick friends with a boy named Eli and they proceeded to chase each other around, shreiking and giggling at each other (this must be toddler flirting). Also, she was passed around among Shadi’s moms friends and did not seem to mind the grandmom’s playing with her hair and squeezing her cheeks. A little to our shock she ate almost any food put in front of her- she ate curry chicken, eggplant, a pea mixture that was baked, rice with berries, lamb, onion tartes and many other exotic foods and cheeses. I should have taken pictures.

Besides the party- our week stayed busy with work- and Kerry had a MRI on Monday to see what is going on with his back. New bulging disk is the culprit. On the plus side- old bulging disk is better. More to come on that when we have more info.

Miss H just runs in busy mode. We are going to stop buying toys and just buy new kitchenware.

We have blocked off our kitchen with a gate (because it was easier than putting all those latch things on the doors) but it is super upsetting for Miss H when we are in the kitchen or the fact that the gate keeps her out of the kitchen. She has made several attempts to climb the gate and has tried to break us down with  whining but we are trying to stay strong. Trying being the key word. It is amazing how all the whining stops when we lift her over the gate.

She even managed to keep the colander on her head as she tried to hijack the camera from me.

In other skills this week- while she has mastered getting on the furniture, the dismount was not always graceful. She has learned the sliding technique and there are fewer crash landings.

I really enjoyed my class last Saturday but realized I have homework! I need to find several possible pictures for the photo screen printing we will start on Saturday and seperate the colors out. I need to somehow squeeze that into this busy week.

And, Miss H is 16 month tomorrow!

The rest of the weekend

11 Jul

After my cooking class, I was in a slight food coma and remembered that we had early dinner plans at Matchbox. Miss H does not like the stroller anymore and prefers to walk everywhere. The streets of Chinatown are not the ideal place for chasing her around but Kerry did a great job 🙂 Miss H is not always happy about the ‘help’ she gets and does not quite get that it is for safety.

Where’s Mom?

I somehow found room to eat more delicious food. We had great pizza and a great visit with friends. Miss H enjoyed herself too- she mastered drinking out of a straw (but did not like the freezer headache from trying to suck down the ice cold water too fast) and enjoyed playing with the ball of pizza dough that our waiter was so nice to supply.

I have always heard from my parents and my friends that have kids that the odds objects will become the favorite toys. Lately, for Miss H the favorites have been food containers, plastic spoons and straws. This weekend- add the tape measure.

Maybe she is our future fashion designer?

Really the only thing accomplished this morning, was Miss H figuring out how to get herself onto the sofa.

After a lazy morning, we decided to go out to eat again and enjoy the nice weather. Southside was packed and while Kerry had lunch, I took advantage of the brunch menu. Miss H enjoyed a grilled cheese and decided the best way to eat it was to poke the pieces with a straw. Kerry joined in with this new found utensil.

Genius, right?

We enjoyed a nice walk- it is much slower when one of the people in the group is only 30 inches tall- and were home to catch the World Cup game. Well, Kerry watched the game, Miss H napped and I headed to the pool for some sun and reading time. Hope everyone had a great weekend!