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15 month check-up

13 Jun

Miss H got a perfect bill of health on Friday! She is 31 inches tall and 21 pounds 4 ounces. Getting taller and staying slim was what the doctor’s diagnosis. He was impressed with her ‘talking’ and her ‘high level of activity’- (I think that is the nice way of saying she is hyper and all over the place). He thought she would not like him at this visit but she was happy to see him and very curious about his stethoscope. The two shots she got were a minor annoyance and after she was no longer required to lay on the table- all the tears were gone.

After the visit, we met friends at the pool and enjoyed the nice weather!

Retirement Party

11 Jun

Mom’s retirement party was yesterday and we all had a great time! I am pretty certain Hadley thought the party was for her– when people clapped for Mom, Hadley cheered and clapped and got many giggles. Many people said very nice, heartfelt and funny things about Mom’s long teaching career. It was nice to hear the stories from colleagues and parents of her children. The turn out was fantastic and Leigh and I enjoyed seeing people we had known for 30 years. One of Mom’s co-workers- I went to school with in middle and junior high and Leigh’s elementary band teacher remembered her playing the baritone horn.

Several students sent over art work to decorate the room (this one was only finished a few hours before the start of the party). We are so excited for Mom (and a tad jealous) that she is retiring! And, she has many great plans for the summer and upcoming year. All of her friends who have already retired kept saying they are so busy now that they are not quite sure how they use to fit work in 🙂