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We might have teeth

14 Jun


Well, Hadley might have teeth coming in- front and bottom center. Yesterday I noticed a white spot on her gums and after looking closer- her lower gum in the center is almost transparent and there are two distinct white spots. Most babies get teeth between 4-7 months but it can really happen anytime. After looking at different articles online- Hadley has most of the symptoms right now. Ear pulling, gnawing (on her fists and us), drooling (buckets full), the aforementioned white spots and changes in eating. Today we added fussy to her list of symptoms but if I had teeth coming through my gums- I am fairly certain I would not be too happy about it either. We now are stocked up on baby orajel, teething tablets and teething rings. Next purchase- small bag of frozen peas for her to gnaw on.

We went to Annapolis today to celebrate my birthday with Mom and had a great lunch. Mom finished the school year on Friday and Kerry and I are very jealous about her summer off. I wish I did not have to go back to work until August.

hadley and mom

Here is a fun picture to give you a little perspective on Hadley’s current size but remember we do have a very over-sized couch.