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A Baby Party

7 Jun


Hadley is completely exhausted from her day. I am not sure if you remember but several months ago (aka- my second trimester of pregnancy that seems like FOREVER ago), I joined an expectant first time mom’s group. We met a few times while we were all pregnant and since all of us were due the first few weeks in April – we were going through the same things. So, today we got together for the first time post pregnancy with the babies. Hadley was the oldest by two weeks and impressed everyone with her array of noise making abilities. Her latest is similar to an owl- who, who, who- and she will mimic Kerry and I if we make the same noise back to her. We feel a tad ridiculous making the noises at her but it is pretty funny when she starts doing it back to you. Her eyes get huge and she starts making the who-ing louder each time. Such simple things to entertain us these days but it was nice to see that the girls today were just as entertained. It was nice to meet all the new babies and see the similar things they are all doing. I am looking forward to seeing everyone next month and to see all the changes in the babies.

Before the babies came over- we made a trip to the farmer’s market and the mall (I needed new shoes) while Kerry played golf in the beautiful weather. Just another Sunday at our house. And, tomorrow it is back to work.

And, Hadley is still using her left hand 🙂


As promised

5 Jun

A day late but here are some recent pictures of Miss Hadley.


Kerry squeezed her into a too small onesie because it says, “I love Daddy.”


Modified tummy-time on the couch pillows.


And, her Friday outfit- complete with matching sneaker socks.

hadley060509-1I survived my first week back at work. I was certain while I was gone that someone would take over my  desk because of its quiet and prime location or that it would become a storage unit. Much to my surprise, neither happened. Once I cleared off the film of dust and the old copies of magazines and newspapers that I had haphazardly left there on March 20th (because I was told that morning that I was not having a baby anytime soon- HA!) it was back to business as usual. In the time I was gone, not much has changed.

Hadley had a great week with her new babysitter! The babysitter tells us everyday how much she likes watching Hadley, even though Hadley pulls her hair every chance she gets. Trust me when I say she has a very good grip and I am daily pulling my hairs out of her teeny tiny fingers. She will be 11 weeks old this weekend and we are seeing lots of changes- she is getting bigger, smiling all the time, being more interactive with us and her surroundings and just becoming more animated. I woke up this morning at 2am to hear her humming in her sleep come across the monitor.

Kerry’s hip is feeling a lot better and he is counting down the days (June 26th) when he can resume running (slowly) and biking. We are excited for the weekend and looking forward to the weather clearing and possibly taking Hadley to the pool for the first time.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!